Waterfalls of Lombok and Things to Pay Attention to While There

Waterfalls Of Lombok definitely need to be in your next holiday itinerary. The reason is simple: if you wish to experience a different kind of adventure, they are exactly what you are looking for. It is time for you to shift your attention from Bali and toward Lombok, its neighbor. Offering you a more peaceful and toned-down tropical vacation experience, Lombok and its many waterfalls should be enough to squash that raging desire inside you that demands an experience that closer to the nature. It is a great break from the modern invasion that is a common sight in Kuta, Bali. It is not that Bali does not have its own waterfalls but by hopping on to its neighbor, which is only a few hours apart by ferryboat, you get a full package of complete tropical sensation. See, Lombok has its own strips of beaches that are touched the less by modernity. Its culinary is on par with Bali. Its cultural tradition is comparable with that of Bali. So by escaping to this island, you are not stripping yourself off of the chance to enjoy a distinct Indonesian rich tourism industry but you will be served with a vacation package of similar quality. As a bonus, visiting Lombok’s waterfalls is a nice retreat from the hectic city life.

Waterfalls Of Lombok hikingis a plausible activity that can be enjoyed while you are in the island. Some waterfalls in Lombok can be accessed easily without you having to exert yourself so much. But some others require you to hike to reach the spot, which is something to add to things you should be excited for during your time around these spots. This is especially true for a pair of waterfalls that happen to be in close proximity within each other.

Waterfalls Of LombokSendangGile and Tiu Kelep are a prime example for this situation. SendangGile is 15 minutes of hiking away from the entrance. And this waterfall and the next, Tiu Kelep, are 45 minutes of hiking apart from each other. During your hiking trips (either from the entrance to SendangGile or from SendangGile to Tiu Kelep), your eyes are spoiled with lush tropical jungle that makes your effort worth it. However, there are things to be paid attention to:

  1. Footwear

Hiking is an activity that involves your feet moving. So it is only natural that you wear shoes that is adequate enough to support your legs and promote comfort.

  1. Extra clothes

You are visiting waterfalls; so, it is wise to bring along more clothes in case the one you’re wearing gets wet during the trip or if you wish to splash down the pool. Even if somehow you manage to avoid getting wet from the water rushing down the cliff or you never plan to swim in the first place, the trip you take would get you all sweaty. So, again, extra clothes to bring along are always a rule of thumb.

  1. Local customs/beliefs and respect nature

The locals may have rules attached to some spots. Be aware of these and obey them. Also, never take or leave anything while you are at the spots.

  1. Stamina and items to bring

Be sure that your body is cut for such a physically taxing activity and do not bring along unnecessary items. A bottle of water and perhaps sun lotion should always be included.

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