Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen – Simply Amazing

The great quality of the beast Galaxy S9, an upcoming flagship of Samsung Company, is its screen which is of great quality and manages to occupy almost completely the front of the device -95% Screen to body ratio with an aspect ratio of 18.5:9, according to the Investor’s reports.

It is anticipated that the upcoming flagship Galaxy S9 will be blessed with 5.8” AMOLED screen, covered up with Corning Gorilla Glass5 for protection purpose (waterproof, Dustproof, resistant to high temperature). For months we have witnessed an avalanche of rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8. So much so that it almost seems strange to finally have it in the hands.

But two month ago we received a terminal to perform this analysis. Specifically the Galaxy S8 Plus, the larger version. We have used it every day since. We go through their lights and their shadows.

S9 Screen

The main advancement of the Galaxy S8 is undoubtedly its screen. Let’s launch the confetti! In that respect, almost everything is good news. Seeing the product gives the impression that Samsung more than a phone what it sells to us is a screen. This covers virtually the entire front, eliminating the reader fingerprints. In addition, we have integrated the curved screen design that we had already seen on the Galaxy S6 and S7 Edge.

That yes! We had a problem. The S8 fingerprint reader has traveled from the front to the back … located next to the camera. A decision that has been much discussed, because it is simple enough to go wrong and touch the camera lens instead. The appearance of upcoming modish Galaxy S9 is much similar to the S8 model but the great deal is that designers have been changed the fingerprint sensor position and we may see it on the rear side, according to the Korean publications. In addition to this, there will be no physical Home button.

The screen of another model Galaxy S8 + has a size of 6.2 inches. A very considerable figure, but the phone has a similar size to a Galaxy S7 Edge Plus, whose screen is smaller (5.5 inches). To do this, the fingerprint reader has been removed from the front. After all these previous flagships, Company has given the Samsung Galaxy S9 a unique look and fabricated it with a very careful manner that you will just trap in its stunning beauty and will fall for it – highly attracting. Not only the front panel of S9 model is amazing but the phone colors are just out of the world – bright matte red, matte green, black, gold, rode-gold, bubble-gum pink (glossy appearance is marvelous).

One of the innovations of the S8 and S9 is that we can vary the image quality of the screen.

A brilliant tactic to increase the size of the screen without increasing the size of the device itself! LG and Xiaomi have also done this recently, but Samsung has managed to maximize the space that occupies the screen on the front rather than its competitors.


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