How to optimizecellular’sbattery for Supercell GameslikeClashRoyale

The common problem with all the smartphones, Andorids and iOS, isalways the same: the battery life isgettingworse, especiallyusingClash Royale Strategy or using some Brawl Stars tricks. How to savebatterywhileplaying? In this guide wewillexplainyou some simplesteps.

How to savebatterywhilegamingClashRoyale et simila

Keep the deviceaway from heatsources: forgetting the smartphonenear to a heat source suchas the sunwillquicklydecrease the power of the batterythat, mightrisk to… give up in a very short time! Itisthereforeimportant to keep the device and itsbattery in a cool, dry place, possiblyshaded.

Reducingscreen’sbrightnesslevel: an excessivebrightnesslevelon ClashRoyale or otherapps (likeClash of Clans o Whatsapp) willonlyconsumeenergy and, therefore, the batterylevel. It’sbetter to minimizescreen’sbrightnesslevel, especially in day.

Reduce auto-shutdownspeed: thisfactor can aggravate the battery situation, too, especiallyifwewant to pause the game to do anyotheraction. The auto-shutdownspeedwillfurtheraffect the batterylevels. On an iPhone, you can set the screen auto-shutdown from settings (Generals -Autolock); on Androidyou can do thisthrough the Display Settings menu, and you can configure the screen timeout.

Use Wi-Fi: Whenpossible, itisadvisable to chooseWiFiratherthanyourdevice’s connection, especiallyduring a match. Your device’s internet network willonly reduce batterylevel. For the samereasonyoushouldalso turn off Bluetooth and GPS.

Reduce or delete pushnotifications: Pushnotificationsappearlike SMS messageswhenthere’s an unreadTwitternotification or an unreadFacebookmessage. In order to saveenergytheyshould be turned off or reduced to the minimum necessary, especiallyduring a match.

Reduce or disablesystemsounds: the samethingapplies to systemsounds, suchaskeyboard sound, which can be disabled or reduced to the minimum necessary.

Disable games’ phone vibrate: thisis a good way to savebatteryenergy, too.

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