4 Palembang Delicious Culinary

If we talk about Palembang Delicious Culinary, then we don’t only talk about destinations for tourist. One of the things which should be considered nicely is the typical palembang souvenir which we can’t simply dismiss. There are plenty of types of palembang memorabilia that people may buy while on vacation within the city. Some Common souvenirs are

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1. Kemplang
Kemplang itself is essentially a processed fish that’s used as crackers. The cooking procedure itself is quite distinctive and intriguing. It’s because throughout the cooking process doesn’t involve oil. Though kemplang could be categorized as crackers, but in the process there’s no skillet procedure. Precisely what’s available is the roasting process on the fire-burning stove. The cooking process of kemplang does use heat from the embers, maybe this is what causes the kemplang to have a distinctive odor and taste. The main ingredients for making kemplang are tengiri fish and cork fish.
2. Pempek
Who doesn’t know about it one, the fish-based food is already very well known. Could be said that virtually every town in Indonesia there are vendors who market this pempek. The basic ingredients that are very well known as making pempek are tengiri fish and cork fish. Both types of fish are very important basic ingredients for the manufacture of pempek, although we may also use some other fish species as a replacement.nTo like Pempek we may simply eat it directly with Cuko. Nevertheless, if we would love to deliver it for souvenirs we may just buy pempek suspended which is also widely marketed.
3. Normal T-shirt Palembang
This distinctive top from Palembang is called nyesnyes which suggests overpowering. Outlets that sell these T-t-shirts are located in numerous locations, such as Jl. General Sudirman No 1080, Jalan Merdeka, Jalan Kapt. A. Rivai, PTC Mall, Jalan R. Sukamto. About design and quality definitely will not disappoint, this top itself has a design which may be said to be rather distinctive, interesting and definitely will not disappoint. Even though if we come not the original palembang. But there’s nothing wrong for all of us to wear t-t-shirts that are typical of this one city.
4. Sambal Lingkung
The uniqueness of this chili is similar to the fried toge food from Bogor which both contain elements of its own intrigue. Though the name of this food contains the word sambal, but basically there’s no hot taste. In fact, just the opposite, the taste of this one food tends to be tasty. The shape or texture of this environmental sambal itself is much more akin to abon. Really, this one sambal is made of fish as the basic ingredient. The fish will be mashed until smooth as abon. For all those that don’t really like food with an excess hot taste, this one food could be a pretty good option. Though it’s got a not hot taste, nevertheless this one food will be sought by vacationers when they come to visit the town of Palembang.