Mark may be in the final year of his contract with Hendrick Motorsports, but don't count him out of racing. Cover Pic In January at the Hendrick Motorsports shop, Martin erased any doubt that he could be racing in 2012

"I'm absolutely, without a doubt, going to be driving race cars next year, just not going to be in any hurry to worry about that," Mark said. "I'm focused on 2011 and really enjoying being a part of Hendrick Motorsports."

It appears that Mark is in no hurry to get out of NASCAR and he is also in no hurry to line up a new ride after his Hendrick gig is over. The veteran driver still has what it takes to win and be competitive in NASCAR's top division.

A healthy lifestyle advocate, Mark spends much of his free time on his extensive physical fitness regimen. He is a licensed pilot, flying to and from racetracks around the country, and a successful businessman. In addition to other interests, he owns a pair of Arkansas automobile dealerships, located in Melbourne and his hometown of Batesville.

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